In this course students will get insights in how the Prophet (SAW) taught, what kind of teacher he was and how much benefit can be found up till today in learning and implementing his divinely guided methods, and how sciences of teaching do confirm their effectiveness! The sunnah of Teaching will boost your love for teaching and reignite a love for learning and sharing your knowledge.


What Will You Learn:

Students will understand that Muhammad (SAW) had the most effective teaching methods. They also learn these methods and they will be able to apply them in their own teaching practice. You will get familiar with research articles, how to use them efficiently for your ongoing teacher training and are encouraged to reflect on the contents through reflection exercises, this to enhance your consciousness about your own teaching style, motivation and every day practice. Current requirements for outstanding teaching are covered in this course and will for sure help you develop a broad view of the field of teaching in this era while strengthening your identity as a Muslim teacher.


Who is this course for?

Students of education or teachers or anyone who is interested in teaching, and homeschooling parents.


Entry Requirements:

No prior knowledge needed, but an interest in teaching.


Course Curriculum

Module 1
Muhammad (SAW) The Teacher FREE 00:14:00
Module 2
Teaching Methods 00:07:00
Module 3
Make Jokes 00:02:00
Stir curiosity 00:04:00
Tell important stories 00:03:00
Create a lively reading and writing culture 00:05:00
Describe vividly 00:03:00
Module 4
The Nurturing Teacher 00:17:00
Module 5
Islam at the center of each teaching day 00:12:00
Module 6
The mindful teacher 00:25:00
Module 7
Cooperative Learning 00:25:00
Module 8
Classroom Management 00:25:00
Module 9
Promoting Creativity 00:23:00
Module 10
Developing a growth mindset 00:21:00

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