Inspiring people to be aware of  is great, but to actually apply it in your everyday life you may need a bit more help.

In this Amazing Course “How To Be An Outstanding Leader Like Ertugrul” You will:

  • Gain self confidence in who you are and display that at home, work and school.
  • Be empowered to succeed and not settle in’sha’Allaah.
  • Be able to teach these valuable skills to your family and coworkers.
  • Be able to clarify your vision.
  • Influence others at work, home and school in’sha’Allaah.
  • Avoid mistakes that others make in’sha’Allaah.
  • Connect emotionally to people.
  • Develop your communication skills,

By becoming an outstanding leader you increase your productivity in the home and outside the home.

This course has been split into  12 Modules and each Module contains bite-sized 20-30 minute videos.  So no matter how busy you are you will have time to be able to go through this material and benefit from it in’sha’ Allah.

Here’s what you will discover inside this course:

Module 1:  The Power of Listening! –  This will help YOU to improve YOUR relationship with others DRAMATICALLY just by learning to listen more than you speak.                

Module 2:  How to be a GREAT Communicator– This will help YOU build trust with others, and resolve problems quickly, while building great relationships.

Module 3:  Why every Leader Must have a STRONG Vision! –  This will help You see your ultimate GOAL be clear and help you become more FOCUSED!

Module 4:  Integrity– and how to always obtain it inshAllaah! –  You will learn how to keep close to Allaah and brings peace to you and your family!

Module 5:  Dedication– a lost art that every great leader must possess inshAllaah! – You will learn how to be committed, passionate, and self-disciplined.

Module 6:  Humbleness– skills from the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) the Sahaba (Radee Allahu Anhu) and Ertugrul! –  You will learn to have more self-control, perform better at work and school, be more helpful, and have less prejudice.  

Module 7:  Generosity for the sake of Allaah (subhana wa’Tala)! – You will learn how to be more happy, more healthy, and lower your stress.

Module 8:  Creativity a skill that differentiates you from every other leader! – You will become a better problem solver like Ertugrul, and you will learn what makes you different and unique.

Module 9:  Assertiveness being the middle path in getting things done!  – You will be more effective, have a more balanced life, and reduce stress.

Module 10:  Patience – 10 skills that you must use daily to keep your cool inshAllaah! – You will learn how to focus on the future, make better choices, and have better mental health.

Module 11:  How to keep Motivated when times get tough! – You will learn to overcome negative influence, take on more challenges, you will be able to overcome any barrier in’sha’Allaah.

Module 12:  How to be Receptive to new ideas! – You will learn to not get angry when you’re wrong, have empathy for others, and listen to what people have to say.

This course will transform your life in’sha’Allaah in ways you probably have never imagined.  In order to transform YOU need to gain knowledge first and then YOU need to apply that knowledge in YOUR life in’sha’Allaah.

This is really going to help you excel to be a better person, better visionary and better leader.  If you want to benefit not only your only family, but also your community, and to the ummah at large. Then this course is for YOU.

Course Curriculum

Module 1
Ertugrul Module 1A 00:28:00
Ertugrul Module 1B 00:31:00
Module 2
Ertugrul Module 2A 00:26:00
Ertugrul Module 2B 00:21:00
Module 3
Ertugrul Module 3A 00:19:00
Ertugrul Module 3B 00:21:00
Module 4
Ertugrul Module 4A 00:22:00
Ertugrul Module 4B 00:20:00
Module 5
Ertugrul Module 5A 00:22:00
Ertugrul Module 5B 00:22:00
Module 6
Ertugrul Module 6A 00:24:00
Ertugrul Module 6B 00:28:00
Module 7
Ertugrul Module 7A 00:23:00
Ertugrul Module 7B 00:23:00
Module 8
Ertugrul Module 8A 00:23:00
Ertugrul Module 8B 00:27:00
Module 9
Ertugrul Module 9A 00:25:00
Ertugrul Module 9B 00:23:00
Module 10
Ertugrul Module 10A 00:21:00
Ertugrul Module 10B 00:20:00
Module 11
Ertugrul Module 11A 00:25:00
Ertugrul Module 11B 00:25:00
Module 12
Ertugrul Module 12A 00:23:00
Ertugrul Module 12B 00:26:00
Final Exam
Final Exam: How To Be An Outstanding Leader Like Ertugrul 00:30:00

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