Frequently Asked Questions

What is the language of instruction at the Ilm Institute?

The language of instruction is English.

Is there any age limit to join the courses?

The courses we host on this site are open for people of all age unless it’s mentioned otherwise on the course page.

Any prior education qualification before enrolling for the courses?

Generally, courses do not require any prior qualification unless specified otherwise in the course description.

Who can enroll as a student?

Anyone who is interested in the content available on the site can register and enroll into the course of their choice.

Where does the study take place?

The study takes place online which means you can access all the amazing content we have to offer from the comfort of your home.

Where is the Ilm Institute based?

Just like the Islamic Online University (IOU), Ilm Institute is also online.

What is the purpose for the establishment of the Ilm Institute?

The Islamic Online University was set up to provide quality educational degrees to people around the globe. After completing 10 years, we came forward with the idea of providing short diploma courses at an affordable price for Muslims all over the globe. So Ilm Institute came into existence.

How to set up an account at the Ilm Institute?

You can register on this site here. Please fill in all the required information and click on ‘Complete Sign Up’. You would receive an email with a link; click on that link to confirm your email address and you are registered!

How to find courses to take?

We have the most recent courses available on the home page. In case you wish to see the list of all the courses available on the site, you may check here.

What are the course durations?

Course duration varies from course to course depending on the curriculum. You may do the courses as per your own schedule as you have access to them life long.

What is the examination structure?

Each course follows its own unique structure. Generally, there would be short tests after each module and a long final exam. All the test consist of multiple choice questions.

How to apply as an instructor?

You can apply as an instructor by filling the form available here.

What are perks an instructor gets?

Instructors get to teach a course of their choice to out global audience. This is your chance of giving back to the ummah!

What is the payment cycle?

The payment cycle would depend on the agreement terms which the instructor signs prior to the course being hosted on the site.

How can one qualify as an instructor?

The form, once submitted, is reviewed by the Ilm Institute committee. The decision for adding courses by a particular instructor is taken by the committee.