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Why Teach At Ilm Institute?

Because you can take your passion to teach and transform it into an income while educating students from the comfort of your home. Earn an income, avoid traffic and cultivate minds – that’s like having 3 feathers in your cap!

Earn Money

Earn a recurring income while you teach the subject you’ve mastered.


Empower millions of knowledge seekers from across the globe with the unique skill set you possess.

Get Rewards

Open a golden window of opportunity to give back to the Ummah in the form of education and earn heaps of rewards from our Creator.

How It Works?

Plan Your Course

Select a topic which you feel most confident about and create a lesson plan for how your course will progress. It will be an added advantage if you document the entire course, module by module, and also specify what each one will cover. This will be submitted to our team, who will review it for quality assurance.


Registering is an easy 2 step process. Fill out a brief form and submit your course lesson plan. Our team will review your application and your registration with Ilm Institute will be complete.

Record & Publish

Once your course has been approved, record various lessons in detail and send it to us for publishing.


Your course will be promoted to thousands of knowledge seekers from 139 countries around the world; across our social media channels as well as those of our partners in education.

Instructor Testimonials


At Ilm Institute, we’ve brought together the finest educators from around the world. Our expert teachers provide students with the tools needed to succeed in a world that gets more competitive by the day.

Each one of our teachers brings knowledge, an impressive skill set and the wisdom necessary to help each student fulfill their educational needs. Ilm Institute instructors empower each student, from the comfort of their own home, with the one key that will unlock countless doors – an education.