The idea of a repository of Islamic or islamized courses on contemporary issues or subjects which the general public could access randomly along the lines of Coursera and Udemy, has been in my mind for a number of years. It is the natural option for those who would like short professionally produced Islamic courses in areas of popular interest. It was a challenging experience for me to condense courses or expand lectures into short concise courses for Ilm Institute. We have developed a very organized setup of course delivery and teaching and learning. Regular support from the Ilm Institute administration team is another great bonus for the instructors and students alike at Ilm Institute. Alhamdu lillah, the teaching and learning experience at the institute is surely outstanding. Normally, we are restricted to our locales and the people of our city or region, Ilm Institute gives us a global platform to share our knowledge and increase our spiritual reward for teaching others. We have a wide range of courses available from self development to parenting to other topics. If you have something to share which is unique, or you have developed over the years a concise way to present a popular subject, please share it with the Ummah. We are striving to make this platform a one-stop institute for all learners across the globe. I highly recommend my followers and fans to join Ilm Institute to rip the benefits of this amazing institution. And to my professors, contemporaries, colleagues, and fellow academics to grab this opportunity to leave your legacy for the generations to come – Sadaqah Jaariyah (continual charity).

Dr Bilal Philips Founder & Instructor