ILM Institute is truly becoming a brand name for providing online courses to the students around the globe. I personally enjoyed recording my lectures because of the back end IT Team that Ilm Institute has. Their Full technical Support and advice made my job quite easy. The recorded course is about Takaful which simply be called a Risk Mitigation and Risk Management concept in Islam. Its different Models, Operations and Challenges along with the growth around the globe is described in details for the students who want to cover this topic in depth. I am planning to record few more interesting courses in the field of Islamic finance for Ilm Institute that will be available Shortly Inshallah. Its always a Teacher dream that his/her knowledge is spread in as many places as possible and because of Ilm Institute I am blessed with this dream as reality to have my students from all parts of the world. I strongly recommend our learners to sign up and benefit from this platform. May Allah reward the whole management involved in it directly or indirectly at any capacity. Ameen

Mufti Asad Gul Instructor