The Lesson Plan Integration (LPI) Course will empower educators, Islamic oriented schools, homeschoolers, school policy makers, and parents to convert secular curriculum into Islamic oriented curriculum. This is achieved by seamlessly weaving in relevant, age appropriate texts and practices from The Quran, Sunnah traditions of the Rasool SAW, Stories of the Prophets, Prophetic character and values.


Aim of the course

This course will provide you with the knowledge, skills and tools you need to:
– Become a master Searcher, Connector and Weaver of Islamic content.
– Plan and Teach wholistic, balanced lessons through the art of Lesson Plan Integration (LPI).
– Bring back God consciousness (Taqwa) and morality into your classroom.
– Nurture the ‘Coloring of Allah’ in young hearts and minds.


Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

1. Emigrate from instructing with secular lesson plans to integrated plans.

2. Use critical and creative thinking skills to redesign your curriculum.

3. Plan rich and enlightening lessons that promote and facilitate living Islam.

4. Deliver integrated planned lessons confidently, efficiently and effectively.

5. Feel assured your students are receiving content that keeps them connected to the Creator in their educational journey and beyond.

6. Understand the vision of Islamic Based Education and align your educational philosophies and practice in accordance with this vision.

7. Identify different approaches to integrating Islamic ethos into mainstream curriculum.


Here’s what you will discover inside this course:

Module 1: Vision of Islamic Based Education
This module will focus on articulating the vision of Islamic based Education. Understanding the vision will enable you to create and embed God consciousness and morality into the children’s learning and educational environment.

Module 2: Integration Approaches to Curriculum
This module will describe the various methods Islamic Based Schools use to integrate mainstream curriculum, highlighting and steering you to the most holistic and transformative approaches.

Module 3: Unit/Lesson Planning
This module will illustrate a step by step guide of how to use a specialized template for lesson integration and how to plan such integrated lessons.

Course Curriculum

LPI PowerPoints 00:00:00
Module 1
LPI-01AA-Contents 00:02:00
LPI-01AB-Objectives 00:01:00
LPI-01AC-Introduction 00:08:00
LPI-01AD-Guiding Questions 00:02:00
LPI-01BA-The Direction 00:07:00
LPI-01BB-Definition of Islamic based Education 00:04:00
LPI-01BC-Islamic Worldview FREE 00:08:00
LPI-01BD-The Intention 00:13:00
LPI-01CA-The Purpose 00:09:00
LPI-01CB-The Curriculum 00:04:00
LPI-01CC-Pedagogy 00:10:00
LPI-01CD-The Teacher 00:07:00
LPI-01CE-Measuring Excellence 00:09:00
LPI-01DA-Current Practices vs Best Practices 00:12:00
LPI-01DB-Other Faith Based Models 00:15:00
LPI-01DC-Conclusion 00:10:00
LPI Module 1 Test 00:30:00
Module 2
LPI-02AA-Contents 00:04:00
LPI-02AB-Objectives & Guiding Questions 00:03:00
LPI-02AC-5 Principles Introduction 00:07:00
LPI-02AD-The Environment 00:16:00
LPI-02AE-Historical Islamic Relevance 00:06:00
LPI-02AF-Relevant Quranic Aayah 00:08:00
LPI-02AG-Relevant Hadeeth 00:05:00
LPI-02AH-Moral Message 00:09:00
LPI-02AI-Relevant Name and Attribute 00:09:00
LPI-02AJ-Recap 00:01:00
LPI-02BA-Curriculum Integration Models 00:04:00
LPI-02BB-Informal Approach 00:13:00
LPI-02BC-Formal Approach 00:01:00
LPI-02BD-Discipline Based Approach 00:01:00
LPI-02BE-Character Based Approach 00:01:00
LPI-02BF-Appended Approach 00:02:00
LPI-02BG-Additive Approach 00:02:00
LPI-02BH-Contributive Approach 00:01:00
LPI-02BI-Integrated Approach 00:15:00
LPI-02BJ-Transformative Approach 00:08:00
LPI Module 2 Test 00:30:00
Module 3
LPI-03AA-Introduction 00:10:00
LPI-03AB-Unit Plan & Lesson Plan 00:11:00
LPI-03AC-Enduring Understandings 00:12:00
LPI-03AD-Intention & Rationale 00:08:00
LPI-03AE-Curriculum Expectations 00:05:00
LPI-03AF-Assessment & Evaluation 00:11:00
LPI-03AG-Character Education 00:06:00
LPI-03AH-Subject Integration 00:16:00
LPI-03AI-Learning Styles 00:08:00
LPI-03AJ-Activating Prior Knowledge 00:05:00
LPI-03AK-Learning Environment 00:05:00
LPI-03AL-Learning Resources 00:03:00
LPI-03AM-Conclusion 00:03:00
LPI Module 3 Test 00:30:00

Course Reviews


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  1. This is very helpful to understand how to start Islamic based education on your institution as Muslim ummah, Islamizing lesson plan, how to create morality among the students and build up a good practicing Muslim.


    As teacher I have the responsibilities to ensure that my students are getting proper guidelines and knowledge about Quran and Sunnah. Schools are the main place from where they can build up their morality, character and personality. So, as a teacher I have to guide them in the path of Islam by the help of Quran ,Sunnah and Hadeeth. This course will hep me Insha’Allah to develop and guide my students according to the view of Quran and Sunnah.

  2. Worthwhile course


    Beneficial, helpful and inspiring . The course was worthwhile .

  3. Life Changing Course


    Alhamdulillah, the units are too beneficial to learn and it will really be helpful to teachers who want to pour, stir, mix and sprinkle (as my Ustadha here used a plenty of food images) Islamic contents within the existing curriculum they are teaching right now. My heartfelt gratitude towards the Ustadha who explained everything with ample amount of examples to make our understanding clear. Jazakillah Khair for all the details, mind maps and templates shown in this course. I’m looking forward to more courses here.
    Sumaiya Noor Newaz



    Alhamdulillah, after completing this course, I can say I feel as if I have revived as a teacher. As the instructor mentioned that actions speak a million, so Insha Allah I will deploy the holistic approach of lesson plan and eye-opening pieces of advice in teaching. I would like to express my deep gratitude to the instructor to show the way of gaining success both in Dunya and Akhirah.
    Fatema-Tuj- Zohora

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