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Fatima Hamza

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Fatima Hamza Mai-Bornu is a grateful mother of four and a ‘Jigawian’ to the core. She is passionate about educating young minds and unexpectedly found her self in an environment that revealed her inner strength. She leads and teaches a group of exceptional teachers nurturing the spirit and intellect of children. She appreciates good gardening and landscaping, enjoys volunteer work and loves to read motivational self help books. She also likes to write pieces about making sense of this confused world of ours. She is in love with love itself and the sincere expression of it and believes the epitome of love is that between man and the creator. She will want to be remembered as one who learned and taught for the sake of advancing the Umma of the Prophet Muhammad SallAllaahu alaihi wa sallam.

She has served as a commissioner for Women Affairs and Social Development, Jigawa State, Nigeria 2002-2007.

She is a founding Trustee of Al-Amanah Foundation and currently the school Head of Al-Amanah Academy, Kaduna since 2008-to date. She is a teacher trainer, coach and sponsor. She is the Founder and CEO of Palm of Hope Foundation, an organization serving to connect people with knowledge and ideas that empowers and supports other humanitarian activities.


MSc. Multi-disciplinary Studies in Education; Diploma in Islamic Teacher Education

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Curriculum Development/Re-design, Integrating Curriculum, Teacher Training in Pedagogy,

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A School Head

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