“But whoever returns (to Ribaa), such are the dwellers of the Fire — they will abide therein.” [al-Baqarah 2:275]

Money Matters, a course taught by Mr. Mansoor Danish deals with the most debated and discussed topic of our times: the concept of RIBA (interest) in different transactions and its rulings as per Shariah.

What you will learn:

  • Understand the prohibited transactions in Islam.
  • Learn the concept of RIBA (interest) in Islam.
  • Understand the ruling of transactions affecting us in our daily lives e.g., Home Loans, Car Loans, Personal Loans, Credit Cards, Insurance, Interest from Banks etc.
  • Enable understanding of permissible alternatives to prohibited transactions.

Unique points of the course:

  • A simplistic approach to understanding of Riba and its effects in our daily lives.
  • A course designed for every Muslim.
  • Know the Riba in your life and how to get rid of the same.
  • Lots of short case-lets and case-studies to enhance your knowledge.

Course Curriculum

Course Objectives FREE 00:06:00
The Money Matter Commences
Session Objectives 00:01:00
How to benefit from this course 00:05:00
Introduction to Money Matters 00:04:00
No free-lunches in Islam 00:06:00
Allaah gives sufficiency 00:01:00
Money and Accountability 00:03:00
Striving with Wealth Part A 00:05:00
Striving with Wealth Part B 00:03:00
Degree of lawful and unlawful behaviour in Islam 00:11:00
Islamic Principles pertaining to Halal & Haram 00:07:00
Which is a better occupation? 00:03:00
Halal and Haram Earnings 00:03:00
Halal Sectors 00:03:00
Haram Earnings 00:05:00
Conclusion 00:01:00
Session 1 Notes 00:00:00
Islamic Transactions and Riba’
Session Objectives 00:05:00
Transactions Permitted in Islam 00:06:00
Prohibited Transactions 00:05:00
Lies & Deception Part A 00:06:00
Lies & Deception Part B 00:08:00
Examples of Lies & Deceptions 00:04:00
Coercive Policies 00:02:00
Riba: Meaning 00:05:00
Riba: Explanations 00:04:00
Categories of People According to Interest-based transaction 00:10:00
Session 2 Notes 00:00:00
The Riba’ Game - 1
Session Objectives 00:05:00
Introduction of Riba (contd) 00:05:00
Meaning of Riba – Revisited 00:04:00
Riba in Qur’an 00:16:00
Riba in Hadith Literature 00:07:00
Conclusion 00:01:00
Session 3 Notes 00:00:00
The Riba’ Game - 2
Session Objectives 00:03:00
Basic principles derived from Barter Transactions – Riba for Sale on Credit 00:03:00
Basic principles derived from Barter Transactions – Riba on Loan 00:02:00
Two famous forms of Riba 00:04:00
Principles derived from Riba Al Fadl Hadeeth 00:05:00
Summary of Rules under the Hadeeth 00:07:00
More on Riba Al Fadl 00:02:00
Conclusion on Riba texts 00:05:00
Reminder for those who create confusions 00:10:00
Islamic Ruling on Riba 00:01:00
Outcome of War 00:08:00
Effects of Riba on Individual and Society 00:05:00
Ruling on New Muslims under an existing Contract 00:03:00
Conclusion 00:02:00
Session 4 Notes 00:00:00
The Deception - Gambling and Contracts
Session Objectives 00:04:00
Gharar (Uncertainty) 00:03:00
Islamic Ruling- Gharar transactions 00:01:00
Examples of Gharar 00:04:00
Prohibition of Ghararin Al-Qur’an 00:01:00
Exceptions to the Rule 00:01:00
Gambling (Maysir) 00:05:00
Effects of Gambling on the Society 00:02:00
Types of Gambling 00:02:00
Requirements for a Valid Sales Contract 00:08:00
Transactions affecting us in our daily lives 00:01:00
Home Loans 00:04:00
Personal, Student & Car Loans 00:02:00
Business Loans 00:04:00
Letter of Credit 00:02:00
Insurance 00:04:00
Credit Cards 00:02:00
Interest on Savings/ Fixed Deposit 00:01:00
Investment: Mutual Fund/ Shares 00:02:00
Late fees 00:01:00
Conclusion 00:01:00
Session 5 Notes 00:00:00
The Islamic Alternative
Session Objectives 00:02:00
Loans and Alternatives 00:03:00
Alternative 1: Interest-free loans 00:02:00
Alternative 2: Murabaha 00:03:00
Why Murabaha & its types 00:07:00
Ijarah 00:05:00
Revisiting the basic conditions for Validity of Sale 00:01:00
Salaam Contracts 00:10:00
Istisnaa Financing 00:02:00
Mudaraba 00:01:00
Musharaka 00:06:00
Takaful 00:02:00
Share Markets 00:02:00
Taxes 00:03:00
Session 6 Notes 00:00:00
Final Quiz 00:20:00

Course Reviews


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  1. Very relevant course


    My expectations for taking this course have been met. I have started implementing what I learned from the course in my everyday life. Every Muslim should take this course because it will benefit them in this world and the hereafter. I feel the course will be more beneficial if the notes are shared with us/students. Thank you.

  2. Well-structured informative course for everyone


    The course explains in simple terms the basics of ethical and unethical financial transactions in light of Quran and Prophetic hadithes. I believe it is beneficial for everyone, Muslims or non-Muslims or Muslim converts, who would like to have a sound idea about Islamic view on various transactions involving buying, selling, depositing, investing, etc. Step by step, the course sheds light on the necessity and possibility to avoid such a destructive phenomenon as Riba.

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