Are you a banking professional looking to give your career a boost? Or do you have a passion for Islamic Banking & Finance and want to learn more?

The Islamic Banking and Finance industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Don’t get left behind!

Ilm Institute

Islamic Banking & Finance for Professionals

Taught by an experienced team of instructors who have flourished in this field, your career will never be the same again!

What You Will Learn?

  • The evolution, principles, products and practices in Islamic banking and finance.
  • The general and specific risk management in Islamic banking.
  • Islamic capital market instruments and practices in the industry.
  • The ins & outs of Shariah compliant insurance.
  • Islamic microfinance products and practices in the industry.
  • Diversity and challenges of accounting issues in Islamic financial institutions.

What Will Be Covered?

  • Fundamentals of Islamic Banking and Finance
  • Risk Management in Capital Banks
  • Islamic Capital Market
  • Islamic Micro Finance
  • Accounting for Islamic Financial Institutions
  • & More!

Why Should You Attend?

  • You’ll acquire vital knowledge about Islamic banking and finance practices that you won’t find anywhere else!
  • You will develop a powerful skill set that will help you grow your own career in this industry.

The Ilm Institute has brought together an experienced team of instructors, who have flourished in this field, to teach you firsthand. This innovative course will provide professionals in the banking and financial sector with the tools needed to succeed and thrive as an industry leader.

Course Curriculum

Fundamentals of Islamic Banking and Finance
Introduction 00:09:04
Comparison between Islamic Banking System and Conventional Banking System 00:08:33
Prohibitions on Gharar, and Equity Banking 00:11:07
Qur’an and Sunnah 00:09:15
Compound Interest 00:09:10
Managing Shariah Non-Compliance Risk 00:09:00
Deposit Products 00:13:04
Investment Accounts and Financing 00:08:19
Types of Financing Products 00:08:27
Debt Based Financing Products 00:09:08
Istisna and Ijarah 00:08:05
Summary 00:10:00
Quiz 1 00:25:00
Risk Management in Islamic Banks
Introduction 00:10:09
Risk Management Framework 00:10:16
Risk Management of Islamic Banks 00:10:04
Market Risk 00:06:12
Liquidity Risk 00:10:11
Operational Risk 00:10:29
Regulatory Compliance Risk 00:09:24
Equity Risk 00:10:04
Shariah Non-Compliance Risk 00:13:09
Theory of Gharar 00:10:25
Permissible Gharar 00:12:24
Measuring Risk 00:13:29
Quiz 2 00:20:00
Islamic Capital Market
Introduction 00:11:06
Conventional Capital Market 00:10:14
Conventional Capital Market – II 00:10:08
Stocks 00:11:01
How Does the Islamic Capital Market Work? 00:16:21
Islamic Capital Market Continued 00:16:19
Short Selling and Speculations 00:16:03
Introduction to Sukuk 00:10:12
Types of Sukuk 00:09:04
Secondary & Global Markets for Sukuk 00:10:19
Case Study 00:10:10
Derivative Market 00:11:20
Quiz 3 00:20:00
Islamic Insurance (Takaful)
Risk and Its Types 00:14:30
Insurance and Its History 00:14:25
Functions of Insurance 00:10:26
Insurance in Islam 00:11:34
Misconceptions about Takaful – Part I 00:09:10
Misconceptions about Takaful – Part II 00:09:10
Types of Takaful 00:12:13
Takaful Models – Wakalah 00:15:04
Takaful Models – Mudharabah 00:15:22
Takaful Models – Waqf 00:15:22
Mathematical Examples 00:14:18
Detailed Difference between Conventional Insurance and Takaful 00:13:11
Quiz 4 00:15:00
Islamic Microfinance
Introduction 00:11:28
Constraints Faced by Conventional Microfinance 00:14:20
Islamic Micro-finance as an Alternative 00:12:04
Introductory Framework of Islamic Finance 00:10:05
Essentials of Islamic Microfinance 00:14:12
Role in Poverty Alleviation 00:11:30
Principles of Islamic Microfinance 00:14:13
Products of Islamic Microfinance 00:13:27
Murabah 00:11:25
Qard Hasan 00:10:18
Risk Management in Faith-Based Microfinance 00:07:01
Upcoming Challenges of Shariah Compliant Microfinance 00:09:23
Quiz 5 00:20:00
Accounting for Islamic Financial Institutions
Introduction – Part I 00:09:22
Introduction – Part II 00:10:19
Accounting Standards 00:09:18
Difference between Islamic Accounting & Conventional Accounting 00:10:14
Benefits and Issues of IAS/IFRS 00:10:25
Elements in the Balance Sheet 00:09:16
Categories of Financial Statements 00:10:16
Measurement of Murabah Assets 00:13:13
Ijaarah and Ijaarah Muntahia Bittamleek 00:13:15
Salam and Istisna 00:13:18
Quiz 6 00:20:00

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