Are you deeply in debt?

Have you fallen into the pitfall of credit card debt?

Are you worried about your financial future and that of your children’s?

If you answered “yes” to even one of the above questions, then Ilm Institute’s course “Escape Debt Trap: Effective Strategies to Manage Your Wealth” is made for you!

This course is taught by Hamida Mubasshera and it will cover everything you need to achieve financial bliss.

What Will You Learn:

    • Common myths about debt
    • How to manage your wealth
    • Ways to live a debt-free life

What Will Be Covered:

  • Overview of the Artificial Business Cycle concept.
  • Understanding the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis from the perspective of a debt-based system.
  • Position of debt in Islam and the wisdom behind it.
  • Practical tips to get out of debt.

Aim of This Course:

It is difficult to make sense of our monetary system and even more challenging to stay on top of your finances. This course “Escape Debt Trap: Effective Strategies to Manage Your Wealth” will help you take control of your finances and learn effective ways to manage your wealth.

Why Should You Attend?

Financial transactions, in our modern world, are more difficult than ever. Most people do not realize that our current form of money represents debt. There is a very thin line between being financially sound and falling into a bottomless pit of debt. You deserve financial freedom that will help you achieve stability in your life and give your children a bright future.

Course Curriculum

Module 1
The Concept of Money FREE 00:25:11
The Artificial Business Cycle 00:25:07
Module 2
The Creation of MBS (Mortgage-Based Securities) 00:22:10
The Outbreak of Financial Crisis in 2008 00:22:16
Lessons Learnt from the Financial Crisis of 2008 00:19:34
Module 3
Position of Debt in Islam 00:19:34
Scholarly Opinions on Credit Cards 00:10:04
Scholarly Opinions on Islamic Credit Cards 00:13:15
Module 4
Concept of Debt Trap 00:15:06
Trigger to Fall into Debt Trap 00:11:19
Module 5
Myths about Debt 00:18:00
Importance of Getting out of Debt 00:12:00
Module 6
Practical Tips – Part I 00:15:05
Practical Tips – Part II 00:12:04
Practical Tips – Part III 00:17:14
Practical Tips – Part IV 00:12:06
Practical Tips – Part V 00:11:28
Getting Barakah in Your Wealth 00:16:02
Final Quiz 00:20:00
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  • Number of Sections7
  • Number of Units18
  • Number of Quizzes1
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