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Mr. Abdelrahman El-Far, the founder of Present2Represent (P2R) eagerly strove to not only bridge the gap of misleading communication but also to rectify common leadership pitfalls, he has successfully invested time and effort in becoming the first certified professional coach in his university (university of Nottingham Malaysia Campus), making him one of the first students to officially hold the title of  module convener by leading a module taught every semester titled P2R.

Coach El-Far’s passion for public narrative and communication has granted him an edge in competitions and tournaments organized by Toastmasters and others. Mr. El-Far recently founded initiative, P2R, has been outsourced to various students’ bodies, universities and industrial organizations, its influence reaching a sum of 5000+ people today.

Coach El-Far not only has given mass trainings and workshops but has also focused and invested a considerable amount of time in private coaching sessions to industry leaders and aspiring students.

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