This course is designed to bring clarity in the parenting vision in Muslims, with focus on Teenage, a most turbulent time where doing tarbiyah according to Quran and Sunnah becomes very challenging.


  • Understand the personality and common behaviors in teenage years.
  • Using principles from Quran and Sunnah develop a multidimensional tarbiyah plan for a teenager.
  • Target the trouble shoot areas and their remedies.

Note: This course is a part of The Visionary Ummah series. The entire series together can be purchased at a discounted price. Click here for more information.

Course Curriculum

Objectives of the Course FREE 00:15:00
Understand your Teenager
Objectives of the Session FREE 00:02:00
Physical Changes 00:24:00
Age Wise Changes 00:08:00
Navigating Teen Puberty 00:17:00
Parental Role with effective teenage handling
Objectives of the Session 00:02:00
Why Good Kids Change 00:27:00
Types of Children 00:20:00
Parental Qualities 00:15:00
Learn changing roles 00:16:00
Relationship Building with Teenage
Objectives of the Session 00:03:00
Communicate Love 00:26:00
Building Relationships 00:18:00
Discipline Techniques 00:18:00
Situational Dealing 00:19:00
Tough Love 00:07:00
Teenage Executive Skills
Objectives of the Session 00:02:00
Basics of Executive Skills 00:21:00
Teenage Brain and Executive Skills 00:14:00
Parental Executive Skills 00:07:00
Principles to Improve Skills 00:15:00
Modify Environment 00:06:00
Enhance Executive Skill 00:07:00
Self Esteem
Objectives of the Session 00:03:00
Causes of low Self Esteem 00:22:00
Self Understanding 00:18:00
Shame and Guilt 00:13:00
Self care and Empathy 00:12:00
Healing Self Esteem 00:08:00
Habit Formation
Objectives of the Session 00:02:00
Dependent to Independent 00:22:00
Define Habit 00:09:00
How are Habits formed 00:14:00
Teens Habit Loop 00:16:00
Being Effective in habits 00:09:00
Blocks to Habits 00:08:00
Wise Decisions
Objectives of the Session 00:03:00
Decision Making 00:21:00
Decision Making on Crossroads 00:11:00
Decision Planning 00:09:00
Approach to Decision Making 00:23:00
Decision Making gives you Freedom 00:26:00
Emotional Dilemmas
Objectives of the Session 00:02:00
Why Teens are Moody 00:31:00
Normal Emotions for Teens 00:13:00
Emotional Intelligence for teens 00:17:00
Mismanaged Emotions 00:11:00
Thoughts Effecting Moods 00:14:00
Gratitude and Forgiveness 00:09:00
Muslim Identity
Objectives of the Session 00:03:00
Muslim Identity challenge in Teens 00:16:00
Purpose of Life 00:13:00
Connection with Quran and Sunnah 00:06:00
Mentor for Young Minds 00:17:00
Foundation Principles 00:05:00
Skill and Motivation 00:06:00
Leadership Role in Muslim Youth 00:11:00
Communication with a teenager
Objectives of the Session 00:03:00
Effective Interpersonal Communication Skills 00:19:00
Road Blocks to Communication 00:14:00
How to say No 00:09:00
Four Choices 00:08:00
Handling Conflicts 00:06:00
Strategies to Resolve Conflicts 00:12:00
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