This course is designed to bring clarity in the parenting vision in Muslims, who are coping with pressures of today’s society and struggling to connect their families to practices of Quran and Sunnah.


  • Develop skills in parents to raise kids in harmonious environment at home.
  • Make parents realize the responsibility we owe to handle our children.
  • Help parents implement principles and practices of Quran and Sunnah for life.


Note: This course is a part of The Visionary Ummah series. The entire series together can be purchased at a discounted price. Click here for more information.

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Husband Wife Relationship
Husband wife bonding 1 FREE 00:28:00
Husband wife bonding 2 00:21:00
Module 2: Role Modeling
Parents as Role Models 00:32:00
Children Our Responsibility 00:42:00
Knowledge of Role Models 00:33:00
Module 3: Time Management
Time Management from Quran and Hadith 00:25:00
Time Management Basics 00:36:00
Time Management in Family 00:25:00
Module 4: Proactivity
Importance of Skills 00:37:00
Proactivity Basics 00:27:00
Proactivity in Family 00:33:00
Module 5: Anger Management
Anger Management Basics 00:33:00
Anger and Parenting 00:23:00
Anger Management 00:26:00
Anger Management by Stress Control 00:15:00
Anger Management by Emotional Control 00:15:00
Module 6: Communication Skills
Communication Skills Basics 00:29:00
Communication Skills in Family 00:23:00
Communication Skills Barriers 00:25:00
Module 7: Assertive Skills
Assertive Skills 00:27:00
Assertive Decisions 00:37:00
Assertive Conflicts 00:23:00
Module 8: Discipline Techniques
Understanding Discipline Techniques 00:42:00
Making Rules at Home 00:36:00
Learning to Engage for Cooperation 00:29:00
Module 9: Spiritual Strength
Spiritual Strength 00:19:00
Fitnas of Nafs 00:22:00
Parenting Traps of Shaitan 00:27:00
Single Parent is Visionary Too 00:11:00
Power of Duas 00:14:00
Final Quiz 00:20:00

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