For more than a decade, Madeeha and I have seen this repeatedly. Students would join the BA in Islamic studies program at IOU with big dreams. They would have immense enthusiasm in the beginning but soon after, the pressure of the formal examinations will take its toll on them. Many students would start dropping out in the first semester itself!

Study smart not harder is not just a proverb, it can help you make it through! And this is what this course is all about. It is expected that by taking this course, the students can focus on gaining knowledge and implementing Islamic teachings in their lives without the fear of formal exams deterring their focus and enthusiasm.

So, whether you are struggling, or you just want to excel in your studies, this course is for you!

Ace the exams with full confidence and achieve good grades with the help of Allah.


Who this course is for?

This course is for the BAIS students of the International Open University.

Streams: BA in Islamic Studies degree program, BAIS Advance Diploma and BAIS Audit.


BAIS Courses Covered:

  • Aqeedah 101
  • Arabic 101
  • Fiqh 101
  • Etiquettes of Seeking Knowledge 101
  • Tajweed 101


This course consists of…

  • On-demand videos about study tips
  • Study guides for all the courses of BAIS Semester 1


What will you get in this course?

  • Reading materials to help you prepare for the formal assessment tasks.
  • Tips and suggestions for assignments.



Course Curriculum

About The Series
The Nature of IOU FREE 00:01:00
Why are we the right people to help you? FREE 00:03:00
The Perfect Manner FREE 00:01:00
Costing us extra money FREE 00:01:00
Copyrights – Do not skip this video :) 00:01:00
How Does it Work? 00:04:00
Module Tests 00:01:00
Aqeedah 101
AQD 101 Module 1 to 17 00:00:00
AQD 101 Module 18 to 34 00:00:00
Arabic 101
Arabic 101 Module 1 to 15 00:00:00
Arabic 101 Module 16 to 30 00:00:00
Fiqh 101
FQH 101 Module 1 to 11 00:00:00
FQH 101 Module 12 to 23 00:00:00
Etiquettes of Seeking Knowledge 101
ETH 101 Module 1 to 12 00:00:00
ETH 101 Module 13 to 24 00:00:00
Tajweed 101
TAJ 101 Module 1 to 10 00:00:00

Course Reviews


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  1. BAIS Semester 1 Courses


    100% meets the Courses objectives.
    A guidance in noting the main points for deeper concentration.
    This has made studying much more easier, Alhamdulilah.

  2. 5

    Great notes. It helped in building concentrated understanding, relates to the curriculum well. Very nice for a quick revision as well.

  3. 5

    Alhamdulillah, the notes are very beneficial. Not only do they provide some additional information, but they also aid one in developing an overview of the subjects. Glad to have taken this course!

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