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Aysha Samrah Abrar

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Aysha Abrar is graduate in Computer Science and a student of Fiqh & Tafseer. She has completed her training as a Breastfeeding counselor & AMANI Childbirth Educator. She believes in bringing sustainable solutions to problems through her Educational Community  projects. She believes in being productive even during Motherhood. She is passionate about helping others by sharing what she learned from her own experience and bringing sustainable solutions to community problems. She is the co-founder of (Women to women Holistic Coaching Platform), (Youth & Women Community Portal), Ahlan Motherhood (motherhood support),  TMN Homescool 101 (Homeschool support) and Nisa Projects (Women to Women Entrepreneur Portal) all of which are centered across Islamic Women Empowerment. She wishes to educate women on making informed decisions, contribute their skills in their community along with with fulfilling their roles as a mother, daughter, sister and all that encompasses her islamic responsibilities.


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