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Mubeena Ifthikkaruddin

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Mubeena Ifthikkaruddin is an Indian raised in UAE. After completing her secondary education from Sharjah, UAE, she completed her ‘Bachelors degree in Science’ from India, both with top aggregate grades. While working as an Educator in the faculty of Science, she completed her ‘Bachelors in Education’. She also holds a ‘Post Graduate Diploma in Islamic Studies’.

After attaining certifications in various Islamic sciences, she has also been volunteering as a mentor and tutor (Fundamentals of Tafseer) in a private Institute in Dubai. Previously being a Lecturer in the ‘Department of Education’ of International Open University (IOU), currently she is facilitating as a course facilitator in the diploma section of IOU.

She engages in literary works as an add up to her profession of being an Educator. Her works includes a public presentation on the topic of developing personality from Islamic perspective, authored a booklet entitled Brief Guide to Studying Hack, and published articles based on the topics related to the collaboration of Islam with secular concepts.

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