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Noha Foad A.

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Noha Foad A. is A University Teacher/facilitator (GDIS) of Arabic Language for Non-Native Speakers and the Head of Arabic Department (GDIS) at International Open University IOU. She is an Academic Writer of Academic Books and Booklets of Arabic Language, Arabic Grammar and the Application of Arabic Grammatical lessons (as a second language for non-native speakers) for University students. She is also a translator (from English Language into Arabic Language and vice versa).  She worked as a lecturer of Tajweed and as a Teacher of Qura’an (Teaching the pronunciation of the verses). Noha is an M.A. researcher in English literature after finishing two years of Higher Studies (in English literature)—English Department (Department of English Language and Literature), Faculty of Humanities, Languages & Simultaneous Translation, at Al-Azhar University. She has a Bachelor’s Degree (B.A.) in English Language and Literature and Simultaneous translation, Faculty of Humanities, Languages & Simultaneous Translation, Al-Azhar University. She also has Bachelor’s Degree (B.A.) in Arabic Language, Literature and Islamic Studies—Dar-El Oulom Faculty. She obtained Ijaza Certification in Al-Qaida Al Noorania القَاعِدَة النُّورَانِيَّة. She is about to obtain Ijaza in Tajweed إِجَازة في التَّجْوِيد  during this year 2021, insha’Allah. She studied Arabic literature and linguistics, and Islamic subjects at both the faculty of Dar El-Oloum and at Al-Azhar University. Noha intends to pursue her journey of education towards PhD (Doctor of Philosophy), soon, insha’a Allah. Noha has a profound knowledge of Arabic language for those who have Arabic as their second language. She has the ability to improve students’ (adults’) pronunciation. She has the ability of providing assistance to students to develop the skills required to fortify their base in Arabic linguistics and literature.

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